Resolution rock

Sigh. I’ve already irrevocably blown half my New Year’s resolutions, and it’s not even the end of February! I missed Stitches West — although in my defense, I spent the time hanging out with my friend Sarah who I’d planned to attend the show with, rather than taking classes in arcane knitting techniques. I did in fact lose five pounds, but more from not having enough time to eat or sleep than from extraordinary nutritional or fitness diligence.

I dunno if I’m going to do well on the other two resolutions either. So far my parents haven’t asked for any favors, so I haven’t been able to snap to. They’re awfully independent-minded, today’s parents. And the house thing is dependent on various stock-market movements over which I have no control. I have spent two afternoons looking at houses, so I’m doing what I can towards the goal I guess.

I wish I actually wanted to buy a house, instead of just feeling obligated to do so and scared of the responsibility. The tax code in this country is kinda skewed against dinks who just like cash. What’s inherently better about real estate than negotiable securities, that the Feds would have an interest in promoting one over the other?