Footers suck

April 21, 2004

I’m so out of love with footers. It’s ridiculously hard to get a nice CSS layout (meaning two or three columns, the main one of which is floating-width) if you have to hang a footer off the bottom and you can’t guarantee that one column will always be longer than the other.

There are ways to do it, but none of them are all that obvious even to people who understand the box model pretty well. Also, a lot of them have subtle drawbacks — like the columns are in a different order in the code than they appear to be on the screen, or the column widths can’t be fixed, or you can’t put a border around the whole thing, etc. You can’t necessarily tell just from looking at a sample that a particular CSS layout will work for you.

The problem is, it’s pretty easy to get rid of footers on personal sites… but every commercial website uses them like crazy. Including my employer. Sigh.

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