Ranch house

May 1, 2004

So we did in fact finally manage to procure a humble ranch house in Sunnyvale. Unlike a lot of our friends, we didn’t particularly want to remodel the place ourselves, so we got one that needs relatively little work. It has wood floors throughout (including cedar-floored closets!), newish bathrooms, and an unusually nice circular layout. We’ll probably need to redo the kitchen sooner or later, but that’s supposedly the most fun part. Oh, and there is one quirky feature: an indoor wood barbeque, built into the back of the fireplace.

I’m starting to enjoy an improved attitude to home ownership. It’s not just The Man forcing us to put our money in real estate instead of negotiable securities in order to avoid confiscatory taxation. It’s not just an unending list of domestic chores and headaches and potential disasters. It’s also going to be fun, dammit! We’ll have barbeques, overnight guests, parties, and gardening opportunities. I want to get a robot lawnmower and a Roomba.

I’ve always tried to avoid debt as much as possible, but I have to admit that I work for the bank now.

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