Compiling PHP5

May 20, 2004

One of the delightful things about PHP is that the compilation process changes pretty frequently and without notice. This cuts down on boredom and ennui; you have to actually watch it build, instead of making on autopilot year after year.

The main thing that seems to have changed in PHP5 is that you must now specify the location of your MySQL client files; and for XML support you have to have downloaded and built zlib and libxml in /usr/local. Remember that “–with-xml” now means with Expat, which is probably not the SAX parser you want; to build with libxml , the correct flag is “–with-libxml” or it should get added by default.

UPDATE Sterling points out that “–with-xml” has always meant Expat. I feel that it should mean “with whatever is the default XML parser”, but he’s right.

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