Trusting Bush

May 22, 2004

OK, let’s get this out of the way: I was utterly and completely wrong about WMD in Iraq. This Administration basically said, “Trust us on this one.” I did. We all know how that ended up. So now I will never be able to trust President Bush or his cronies again, certainly never on a matter of foreign policy, and therefore he must go. I would probably never have voted for the guy anyway, but probably if he had not lied about WMD I wouldn’t be actively supporting Kerry either.

I sent money to Wesley Clark earlier in the election cycle, and now I just sent money to Kerry’s campaign. Please consider putting your money where your mouth is too, or helping the campaign if you live in a battleground state. It’s not enough to sit around and talk about how stupid Bush is. That’s not the point. The point is that if you can’t trust your President not to lead you into a pointless war, he cannot be President.

4 Responses to “Trusting Bush”

  1. Marie Gravelle Says:

    I’m with you – I’ve been sending money to anyone who can get Bush out – and I’m Canadian! Unfortunately, I sent mucho $ to Wellstone, and look how that ended. I would do it again, anyway.

  2. Adam Rifkin Says:

    Since I’m not in a battleground state, I can have much more impact by sending money than I can have by voting. How can a citizen not get cynical about a process that reinforces that?

  3. ianashley Says:

    It isn’t _just_ Bush. If anything in life is for sure, it’s that politicians can and shouldn’t be trusted.

    Oh, there’s also death and taxes. 🙂

  4. CS Says:

    Yes, the WMD thing sucked, I agree. However, remember that our intelligence, the British intelligence, and the Russian intelligence were all pointing to WMDs existing in Iraq. So, we have a major intelligence failure here, but can we fault Bush for that? I think he acted responsibly with the evidence that he believed to be credible.

    I have a hard time believing Kerry would be the decisive leader this country needs as he appears to bend back and forth on issues. Just my .02

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