New old stuff

May 25, 2004

It’s good to get new stuff, but it can be even sweeter to fix up your old stuff — because then you get the bonus of not needing to get rid of something, as well as the payoff of having something.

Years ago, when I couldn’t really afford it, I splurged on an AnthroCart computer desk. As time went on, it started to get wobblier and wobblier; and now that I’ve gone all-laptop, the keyboard return was starting to bug me. I started to subconsciously feel that it must be defective or possibly just not a very good desk, and maybe I should get a new one. But over the weekend I went to the hardware store and got replacement bolts, and went over the whole apparatus to tighten things up. I also removed the keyboard shelf. All of a sudden, I loved the desk again! It’s perfect for me and in mint condition, I can’t imagine what I was thinking about getting a new one.

Next, we’re going to refinish a wood dining table we’ve had for a long time, to match some new cherry chairs. Then I might fix all the drawer pulls on a chest of drawers I got from my mom.

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