Friendster goes PHP

As most of you probably know, I’ve spent the last six months working at Friendster. I have not managed to release any code in that entire time. Finally on Friday we launched a platform rearchitecture based on loose-coupling, web standards, and a move from JSP (via Tomcat) to PHP. The website doesn’t look much different, but hopefully we can now stop being a byword for unacceptably poky site performance. I also want to call out our first new user-facing feature in a long time, Friends in Common (upper left corner of your friends’ profiles). Try it out and let me know what you think.

Java haiku

I got this amazing existential poem from Sterling today:

using reflection
i verify
right before the method is called
that it exists
then i call it
and it dies saying
this method doesn’t exist

The civilizing influence of headboards

I spent much of the Memorial Day weekend shopping for furniture with my mom, while my dad fixed things around my house. As a 35-year old, I probably ought to feel abashed about waving my flippers while whimpering “Daddy, fix my toilet paper holder!” — but I figure it’s the upside of the whole Korean parental overinvolvement thing. And who’s to say that installing a new towel bar in the bathroom is not the purest expression of parental love?

My mother is bugged because I sleep on something that does not meet her definition of a “bed”. I don’t have a headboard or frame, the boxspring just sits on the floor. She says that headboards, top sheets, and always putting food on a plate no matter how small the morsel — those are the things that separate us from the barbarians. I don’t really want to spend many hundreds of dollars on something that offers so little increase in real functionality. This causes her to sigh and mutter that there is more to civilized life than functionality.

So I took a poll at work, and almost everyone seems to agree that headboards are in fact a requirement of civilized life. Who knew? And apparently there are functional gains: pillows don’t fall off the bed, and/or your head doesn’t leave a greasy mark on the wall. Also, your cat can enjoy going under the bed. Still not sure it’s worth the money, but the social pressure is getting to me now.