Pet peeve

August 4, 2004

So I commute to and from work each day now on the Central Expressway, which is kind of a baby freeway that cuts straight through Silicon Valley — 50 mph, 2 or 3 lanes in each direction, no big rigs. The problem is that there are a buttload of engineer types in beige Camrys and Civics who cannot merge to save their lives — and they all take the Central too. They have a nasty habit of coming to a screeching halt at the bottom of the short, steep on-ramps — several times I’ve seem other drivers almost rear-end them. Not only is it dangerous, but this kind of thing just reinforces every stereotype of the bad Asian driver. So please, dear hardworking law-abiding tax-paying Japanese-car-driving engineer neighbors of Sunnyvale — please just learn to fucking merge already, OK? Thank you.

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