Installation problems

August 13, 2004

I’m going through a weird patch right now where I seem to be unable to install or use any piece of software successfully. I have been frustrated recently by emacs21 for OS X, fastxsl, Fink, Gaim, Gallery, Gmail, MySQL via apt, PHP5rc1, pmwiki, Serendipity, and a host of others — most of which I’ve been using for years now. In most cases I’ve eventually been able to get something kludged up… but it was a struggle and I needed the aid of cooler heads. I dunno if I have somehow lost the ability to read directions carefully, or I’m getting stupider, or installations are getting more complex, or what.

Having just won a weeks-long struggle with Gaim (and did I mention that Yahoo Messenger can bite me if they think I’m going to use their shitty client?), I think I better quit while I’m ahead.

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