Finding stuff on OS X

August 22, 2004

I use Debian’s “dpkg -S” command, which dumps out all the files belonging to a particular application, all the time — like literally every day. Is there any way to do a similar thing on the Mac? They’re always putting config files and stuff in weird places, and I can never find them.

3 Responses to “Finding stuff on OS X”

  1. Don Smith Says:

    try osxpm from gnu. Under the delete packages tab it has the ability to list everything in an os x pkg. OS X keeps a pkg database, including pkgs installed by the os, so this should do the trick

  2. Troutgirl Says:

    Oh, thank you Don! I’ll try that.

  3. paul Says:

    If the application uses the Apple installer, it leaves a receipt.

    Try this:
    $ lsbom /Library/Receipts/Foo.pkg/Contents/

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