Repulsive food gallery

October 13, 2004

I’m Korean, so of course I regularly eat repulsive foods. I’ve started a photo set on Flickr to document and celebrate said repulsive foods. I enjoy taking photos of food, although as you’ll see I’m not very good at it.

Have I mentioned that I L-U-V-LUV Flickr? This is how lame I am: over a year ago, I started trying to install Gallery… and I never successfully managed to do so. I tried! I tried lots of times. But now that’s all over, because I am in love with Flickr. What a relief!

I also admire Ludicorp a whole bunch. Their product conceptualization and speed of execution are head and shoulders above anyone else in the business right now, and a testament to the vision of Stewart and Caterina as well as the hard work of their amazing team. The cool shit invariably comes out of those small teams that don’t have to spend all their time playing “bureaucratic judo”, or building to some small-minded person’s idea of what the market is ready for. Great product drives the market, and right now Ludicorp is demonstrating that like no other company.

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