Halloween parties

October 14, 2004

So… would it be tacky to mention that I don’t have an office Halloween party to go to this year? And I was kind of hoping wistfully that someone might invite me to their Halloween party? I am thinking of going as Mozilla this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

8 Responses to “Halloween parties”

  1. well…i’m on maui and they say it’s one of the biggest parties in the world here on halloween. so if you want to fly over…you could always go with me. have a good day.


  2. Paul Says:

    We’re having one in Edinburgh (Scotland). You’re more than welcome to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. would it be tacky to mention that I don’t have an office Halloween party to go to this year?

    Yes, but who cares?

  4. jody Says:

    dear troutgirl,
    i wonder how do you keep your spirits up and stay positive after losing your jobs 3 years in a row. i lost my job twice this year. i had lost a job in jan. then after struggling 8 months to find a job, the start up i went with let me go after 3 months. i feel complete despair now after looking for 3 months and coming up with nothing still. how do you keep going? please provide some advice as i am getting the feeling like i will never work again at something i really like.

  5. Troutgirl Says:

    Hi Jody, I’m very sorry to hear about your hard times. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The job market here in Silicon Valley is getting better, so it’s easier for me to stay positive. I also do a lot of Open Source stuff, so I always have something fun to work on. Hope you find a new job soon!

  6. Tim Says:

    hehe just bored hehe went reading about information about friendster and went though this page weblog.cemper.com and he was talking about friendster and how much it sucked and you pointed out the fact and they fired you. Anyways hope you do find a job soon ~ Good luck~

  7. Gary Rivlin Says:

    Hi Joyce,
    Trying to reach you for article I’m writing. If you send me an email, I’ll tell you more. Thx.

  8. poser Says:

    Well, this isn’t about halloween…directly.

    Where can we get the kimchi-pizza or the pb-mochi? It sucks to just see the pictures and have them haunt my imagination for days?


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