Vocabulary conundrum

October 30, 2004

Is there a word for those bundles of dead pine needles in the street that look like roadkill?

UPDATE 10/31/04: I thought there was an actual word, but if not I’m coining one: porcupineedles.

4 Responses to “Vocabulary conundrum”

  1. amorson Says:

    “Dead pine needles” would be the most accurate one 🙂 .

  2. strimble Says:

    I hate those little porcupineedles. When I had a dog they used to get caught in her fur while we were on walks…so annoying! Anyways, glad you coined a word for them. 😀

  3. Somewhere I’ve got a signed copy of a wonderful little book called “Flattened Fauna,” a field guide to roadkill done up in the same sort of manner as those guides to birds, bugs, flowers, etc. (maybe Zimmm?) that show ranges in North America, etc.

    The word for shed pieces of tire that mimic snakes and such on the highway is “recaptoids.”

  4. Dirkus Says:


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