Cat door

October 31, 2004

We have this cat, and her litter box is in the garage now. All summer we’ve left the door to the garage open, and it’s been fine… but now that it’s getting cold at night, our thoughts have turned to cat doors.

Probably for handy people, installing a cat door is like a one-hour project, something you can knock off while waiting for a coat of varnish on some other project to dry. For us though, there was a considerable period of pondering and reflection: can we train a 12-year old cat to use a cat door? are there doors with cat-doors already embedded in them, or must you install a cat-door separately? are there people in the cat-door installation business? does one procure said cat door at the cat store or the door store? etc. George and Angela provided very helpful advice and encouragement, while Sterling and Jeremy drove me onward with their taunts and smirks.

Finally one day last week I went to Home Depot to purchase a cat door, an electric jigsaw, and safety goggles. I’ve always wanted to wear safety goggles! I was kind of intimidated by the saw though, because I have a morbid fear of cutting off a digit with a power tool. In any event, Tim ended up doing all the hard stuff while I supervised with a cup of coffee in my hand — just like a real construction site! No fingers were inadvertently sawed off or body parts drilled into. And now our cat is locked in the garage until she learns to use the cat door, and handiness is very slightly less mysterious to us. Yay!

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