Post election

November 3, 2004

You know, I reconsidered this entry. I was trying to express something — that the Democratic party has become an exercise in paternalistic codependency and I’m sick of it and I suspect the other side is too — but I guess just admitting that was itself too paternalistic. No one wants to hear it, and I find I don’t want to talk about it either. Sorry for my fit of peevishness.

10 Responses to “Post election”

  1. LPD Says:

    “I’m going to be needing all my spare cash to survive the future you just gave us — so I won’t be volunteering to give it to you and yours any more.”

    Yep, ‘uncomfortably paternalisic’ pretty much sums it up ๐Ÿ™‚ You think people vote donkey because they want spare cash from better-off democrats?

    “I literally cannot fathom what could possibly lead a lower-middle-class person to vote for someone like George Bush.”

    Perhaps because democrats sometimes appear patronizing. It’s amazing what a turn-off that can be.

    Sounds like you never lost an election before. As a guy who voted for Mondale against Reagan, I sympathize. But try opening the aperture a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Noah Tutak Says:

    Maybe the average america doesn’t want you to save them, and doesn’t want the government to save them. Maybe they would rather keep their own money instead of pay taxes and make their own choices instead of have the government make their choices for them. And maybe they are willing to sacrifice their lives for this great country, or live in an America where there son has the choice to sacrifice a limb for this great Country if he so chooses. Maybe they are more scared of the consequences of living in a Country where the government takes an ever increasing share of their income and makes an ever increasing number of choices for them. Thank God for “average” Americans!

  3. Troutgirl Says:

    But guys… I’m agreeing with you! Dems are paternalistic, and it’s a major turn-off, and it would be best all round if we just kept our money for ourselves and had less Federal government. Maybe my reasons for coming to these conclusions are not the same as yours… but they’re the same conclusions.

  4. Noah Tutak Says:

    I have never been a member of any political party, and I don’t hate the Democratic party. It is sad how they have gone downhill over the past number of years, so I guess I agree with you. Hopefully they will let go of the extreme left and offer a viable alternative for the benefit of us all.

  5. caspertap_xanga Says:

    No no, you were right on. I liked what you had to say, and so did some other bloggers on my list. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion. It’s your RIGHT to say what you want to say.

  6. Joyce, I saw this new map of the “United States of Canada” ( ) while checking out the repubsub demo ( ) and thought it would give you a good laugh.

  7. Troutgirl Says:

    Wow Dylan, for some reason it hadn’t struck me how… contiguous it is.

    Thanks Caspartap, but I think I came off as totally bitter and vindictive… which isn’t how I want to be right now.

  8. amorson Says:

    Dylan, this is great map. I Wonder what’s going to be left of the Jesusland after a decade or two. Oil and religious fanatics… Which kinds of resembles some other part of the world…

  9. Fredland Says:

    I liked your original post. Didn’t necessarily agree or disagree completely but I believe in speaking your mind on impulse and disagree with your taking down the original post.


  10. Eric Promislow Says:

    Joyce, could you pull your original post back out of hiding? From what I recall of it, and piecing my memories back based on the above comments, it was one of the more prescient pieces I read about the 2004 debacle.

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