Geek Squad

December 18, 2004

A few months ago when Tim and I went to Best Buy for some reason, we saw these brochures for their new Geek Squad service. Since we are definitely part of the Tech Support generation, we thought this would be a brilliant way to lay off some guilt quickly and easily and relatively cheaply.

Finally we got our chance. A year or two ago, I set up the in-laws (who are surprisingly wired for their age) with DSL for their new matching iMacs. But something went wrong recently, which seemed very likely to be the shared router. So I called the Geek Squad hotline (their branding is all Men in Black cum Maxwell Smart) to order up a fresh geek to visit the in-law home with a new router.

So far, pretty good but not perfect. The visit was scheduled promptly, but there was some static about the Macintosh thing — apparently most of the Agents are Windows-only specialists (surprise!). What surprised me was that I had to make a special request for them to pick out a router and take it over there to install. Wouldn’t that be a super easy revenue-maximizing opportunity for Best Buy? And very bumming is that I couldn’t pick up the tab for the service call, because they bill during the visit. In-home computer service is a brilliant gift that a lot of people would appreciate being able to send to their loved ones. They don’t even seem to have gift certificates, which seems weird. Are you listening, Best Buy?

UPDATE: The geek showed up ahead of schedule, installed the router, and made my in-laws’ day.

13 Responses to “Geek Squad”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Oh I always have family members ask me to fix their computer. That is a good gift idea. πŸ™‚

  2. Agent Luna (GeekSquad) Says:

    Heh, well I was just browsing the internet some how I came across your blog. Well you can use a giftcard on services. But yes a specialized giftcard for Geek Squad would not be a bad idea. But remember we are pretty new to Best Buy’s ways, we only became affiliated with BB not too long ago, We are expanding in many ways though. Have a good one. -ML

  3. joey lopez Says:

    hey there, not sure what all the links above are lol; but in reference to geek squad; they listened! they have gift cards now; i got my sister a prepaid camera training and they gave her a free t-shirt!


  4. Agent B Says:

    Geek Squad has had gift cards for 12 months. Just check at any Best Buy store.

  5. Karmen Says:

    I’m very disappointed with the Geek squad. I took my computer to them in good faith on August 18, 2005. They Reloaded/restore/ repaired software for the unit. 2]clean out temporary files, running scadisk and defrag. 3] cleaning of spyware and adware items. 4] Installation and configuration of Anitvirus, including udates. But a week later I have another virus something I was soppose to be covered for under there warrenty -1 month after the day of picking up the computer. Now they tell me I have to pay them another $80. on top of the $270 I already pay them which included the Norton 2005 antivirus and spysweeper. Is that right should’nt I still be cover under the warranty. I feel like I’m being robbed. some warranty P.S. On top of all this so call fix of my computer It still does not defrag .

  6. BladeBurn Says:

    While some of you have had good experience with some good techs check out the horror stories of Best Buy and their Clowns I mean Geeks at or

  7. BladeBurn Says:

    If you have any horror stories about them please email them to me I am working on a website reviewing some tech companies.

  8. Judy Says:

    Thought they advertise “same day onsight service”. I have crashed PC in need of urgent support; the earliest appointment I could get is 17 days from now. So much for “same day”!

  9. subhuman33 Says:

    Viruses are not covered under the warranty for geek squad services, since most of them are aquired through the user’s stupidity.

  10. Daniel Says:

    On site, 24 hour a day service is available for an additional charge through 1-800-GeekSquad. Normally, double the cost. They call it a 911 call. These cost can get into the thousands though!

  11. S Robertson Says:

    I called Geek Squad for inhouse service. All my data was save to an external hard drive. I gave the tech my restore disk. He asked if I had a copy of XP Pro, I gave it to him. He proceeded to install xp pro without using the restore disk. He install the printer and Office and left. I continued installing other programs and started using the computer. I few days later I needed to use the Modem and it didn’t work. Also no sound. I am not a tech person, but I realized, then that he did not use the restore disk and that was the problem. Dumb. I called Geek Sqaud and they had the tech person call me. His comment: You back up all your data and I will come out and use the Restore Disk, then you can reinstall the program. You will then need to upgrade to windows XP Pro. I told him that the Restore disk has XP PRO. When I call the Geek squad before I made the appointment I made the following comment. I do not need someone to come out and put in the Resore Disk, I can do that myself.
    I paid over $400.00. The Tech person should have known beforehand that without the Restore Disk some features of the computer would not work. Even I recongnized the problem immidately after the fact. Was he trying to save time since he though my Resore Disk only contained XP Home? I guess he didn’t know some Computers come with Pro.

  12. juan Says:

    We recently bought a computer at Best Buy and a wireless network installation from geek squad. At first everything seems great. They called within two days to schedule and appointment. Sadly that was the beginning of the worst experience with a company we ever had.

    The day of the first appointment, the tech never showed up. We called the 1-800 number and they try to locate the technician, whose phone was disconnected and the company didn’t know about it.

    We where then instructed to go to best buy where we purchase the service to reschedule an appointment. The rescheduled appointment was for two weeks later, the only time available to them.

    Finally a technician showed up, set up our wireless network and it worked for two day. Yes folks “two days”. I called the 1-800 number yet again and was told that probably my modem was defective.

    After much ado I convinced the phone technician that the modem was working properly and the problem was the wireless setup.

    We were without internet for several days, until a friend help reset the system that the geek squad technician setup incorrectly.

    I hope that somebody finds this information helpful and not get in the trap with this BOZOS. From where do they hire them anyway?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I went to BB in Bolingbrook, Illinois on January 2nd to get my computer looked at. I was having trouble with my JAVA SCRIPT and I couldn’t change my background picture. The JAVA was infected and I couldn’t access my email accounts. One of the Geek Squad employees did a scan while I waited and showed me the results. He said that there was a maximum of Trojan viruses infecting it. They asked me if I wanted to save any files and I said yes. Then they suggested that they do the advanced diagnostic and repair. So I put $280.19 on my credit card and I left it for them.
    I called them on the 4th and they said it would be a few more days. I called again on the 6th and asked someone went to check on the status. A manager got on the phone. She told me that they found many files of pornography and contacted the police. She said it is store policy to report any pornography to the authorities. I was never contacted that there was a problem. The police confiscated and had to view all images and compare it to their database. The store manager then gave me the name of the officer and case number and suggested I call for more information.
    I called the Bolingbrook police on the 8th and talked to a detective from the evidence room. I asked him why they took it and he said they had to compare the images to make sure all the models were of appropriate age. I told him that I DO NOT LOOK AT CHILD PORN. He said they will have it for awhile.
    I have been without it for 5 weeks now. I only wanted them to clear my computer of viruses and install some software to keep them from coming back. It has been very inconvenient for me as I use the Excel program for important things. I now have to go to a friend’s house to do such documents.
    The police have my computer for me to collect but won’t relinquish it until they speak with me and everyone who has access to my computer.

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