Best blog overview ever

December 30, 2004

There’s a special satisfaction in seeing a well-written and information-packed article in the mainstream business press about something you care about. So although I generally stopped reading the “blog, short for weblog” articles eons ago, let me commend David Kirkpatrick and Daniel Roth for their piece from the 1/10/2005 issue of Fortune (pointer from Jeff Barr). Not only do the authors do a brisk but thorough job of explaining how blogs might impact businesses of all sizes, but the piece is filled with hilarious quotes like “biting the karmic weenie” and MSN Spaces as “the third leg of the communications stool” (note to Microsoft PR: you might want to read that shit out loud to yourself before you give it to the media). I especially enjoyed Bill Gates saying business blogs signaled a corporate culture that’s “open, communicative” and not “afraid to be self-critical”. Not that I’ve ever been critical of an employer on my blog, but it’s good to know that Bill has the right idea.

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