Tech biz roundup

January 5, 2005

So I’m starting a little networking group for entrepreneurial engineers here in Silicon Valley! It’s called 106 Miles after the line from The Blues Brothers. It’s sort of an opportunity to ask all the things you wanted to know about starting a software business, but didn’t know who to ask — plus beer and pizza! If you’d like to attend our first meeting next week, get in touch.

Did you know that Caterina Fake has an amazing blog about the tech business? It’s called Bizwerk, and it’s a treasure trove of tasty nuggets. Where does she find the time???!!? Caterina is someone whose insights into product and marketing I really respect, so I definitely want to know what she’s reading and thinking about.

And finally, I’m going to be on Tantek’s decentralized social networking panel at SXSW this March. I think I’m the Designated Hater. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the famous bats of Austin, and perhaps getting a bat-shaped refrigerator magnet, and eating BBQ till I burst.

9 Responses to “Tech biz roundup”

  1. scottandrew Says:

    Hey, congrats on your SXSW panel! Give ’em hell 🙂

  2. Gen Says:

    If you’re going to be in Austin at SXSW, make sure and see a flick at the original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, downtown.

  3. Homer Says:

    Try a neat authentic Irish Pub called Fado (4th street). Good food, cold beverages and a spiritied crowd.

  4. A bit over an hour ago I got home from the first meeting of 106 Miles, which Joyce describes as: a networking group for entrepreneurial engineers in Silicon Valley. The plan is to get together once a month in a casual atmosphere, have a couple beers and a slice, and ask questions of an invited guest who has good stories to tell about starting a tech company. It’s basically a geek kegger with a slightly more directed chat in the…

  5. When’s the next 106? Sounds really cool

  6. Todd Wallack Says:

    Joyce: Please shoot me an e-mail. I’m trying to reach you, but having trouble finding your contact info on the site.

  7. Clare Robbins Says:

    Hi– sorry I realize this is the inapproriate forum, but I can’t find you email address, Troutgirl!

    National Public Radio reporter Eric Weiner is doing a report on people who have been fired for blogging. He would love to talk to you, and we probably have a studio close to you. We wouldn’t need more than 20 minutes of your time (getting in and out of the studio).

    If reaching the studio is inconvenient for you, we can try for a phone conversation, or for a chat on Monday. Please contact me at 310.815.4540. I’m having voice mail troubles, so if I’m away from my desk the quickest way to contact me is email. I look forward to speaking with you.


    Clare Robbins
    Production Assistant

  8. CW Says:

    Dear Troutgirl:

    I have the most huge-est crush on you, based almost exclusively on your adherence to Linux and Thinkpads.

    You rock.


    Your buddy,


  9. Lately I’ve been thinking about starting a company. Which reminds me of this scene from Paul Graham’s Hackers and Painters:The classic startup is fast and informal, with few people and little money. Those few people work very hard, and technology

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