Evite social networking

January 28, 2005

I dunno if it’s just me, but I’m creeped out by Evite’s turn towards social networking. I don’t actually want to know more about people who get invited to the same parties as me! That seems like a relationship that’s not close enough to be useful, but just too close for anonymous comfort. And given that I don’t actually know these people, do I want to see their photos staring out at me every time I use Evite? And do I want to know what their favorite restaurants are? And their birthdays? I have no option about displaying this info either — Evite is shoving social networking down my throat whether I want it or not.

It’s probably worse because I largely use Evite for businessy things now — like 106 Miles events (oh, be sure to subscribe to the 106 Miles Atom feed!). It is rather impressive how many people will join a lot of social networks though.

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