Ubuntu to the rescue

February 6, 2005

Not to whine, but why does a hard disk invariably fail just when you need it most? The good news is that a Linux hard disk crash is not the “there goes your whole next week” event it used to be. Now it’s more like a couple hours — less if you know how to get a Thinkpad disk out of the sled to which it’s pasted in with something that looks like a large mailing label.

While totally loving the Ubuntu in general, let me say that my single point of annoyance to date is power management. On my work machine, closing the lid results in the screen blanking but nothing else. On the home lappy, nothing at all seems to happen. The relevant Ubuntu wiki page is as useless as it is incomprehensibly written. There’s a very scary page here on debugging the BIOS on R31 Thinkpads to use ACPI. Um, I think I’ll be sticking to APM, thanks. Still, this was by far the nicest hard disk loss I’ve ever experienced.

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