Rel-attribute abuse

February 21, 2005

You know, I’m not sure how I feel about this rampant rel-attribute abuse. Half my friends seem to be inventing (dear god) “folksonomies”, and they all seem to use rel=”foo” as an essential part of the scheme. It’s clever the first time you see it, but after 12 or 15 different schemes — each one more metaphorical than the next in its use of the term “relative” — you start to wonder. For years we just used rel for like “next” and “previous”, you know? Am I becoming a grumpy old purist, or is rel becoming so overloaded with meaning that any attribute would collapse under the weight of being all things to all people?

One Response to “Rel-attribute abuse”

  1. amber Benson Says:

    would like to chat about how blogging got you fired.

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