TV shows about science

February 26, 2005

I was talking to a friend about my new favorite TV show, Numbers — which if you haven’t seen it yet is about a genius mathematician who helps his FBI Agent brother solve crimes. My friend, who was trained as a mathematician, commented that he wasn’t sure how he felt about the bastardization of science on fictive TV. I yelped back, “But where would we all be without the faux tech-speak in Star Trek!??!?”

About 10 years ago, Leon Lederman proposed that TV shows about science would be one of the best ways to make science sexy. He said, “There’s LA Law, why not LA Science?” Looks like his dream came true, considering the plethora of forensic science, medical, and math shows on the networks now — albeit shows in which the “scientists” wear extremely low-cut tops and very tight pants. People write essays about how hot William Petersen’s bow legs are! Science is the new black on TV! How can that be a bad thing?

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