A Treo odyssey

February 27, 2005

It’s been over three years, so it’s finally time to look for a new phone. I want browser, SMS, IM, and ssh client. After consultation with Mobile Monday gurus Russ Beattie and Mike Rowehl (thanks guys!) I decided that the Treo was the best option for me because I don’t need Windows compatibility.

So we go over to Fry’s last weekend, where the Treo is a very undiscounted $599. Then we decide to buy online instead, but the deal at SprintPCS.com is just too confusing and that puts us off ($599 – $150 instant rebate – $30 web special = $419). In the meantime, Rifkin gets a Treo at the Sprint store and he reports that he only paid $399 with a phone buyback.

So this weekend we went over to the Sprint Store, where the clerk himself tells us it’d be cheaper to buy the device online. Tim decides it’s not THAT much cheaper ($599 – $150 mail-in rebate – $25 buyback = $424), and just gets his Treo right away. But I’m cheaper and stubborner, and slightly ticked that they won’t buy back my phone (too old, they say), so I decide to get it online. I go over to Treocentral, which is advertising a $319 special ($569 – $150 instant rebate – $100 mail-in rebate = $319). I order, and I’m happy.

But suddenly it occurs to me: did I just sign up for a new phone number? Ruh roh.

10 Responses to “A Treo odyssey”

  1. I ordered my Treo 650 from Amazon.com and I dealt with number migration upon activation. It took about 24 hours to transfer the number, but it worked well.

  2. Rifkin Says:

    You paid a hundred bucks less than timboy and eighty bucks less than me???

    I’m truly in awe. Your superpower is your ability to find bargains…

  3. Dossy Says:

    After having owned a Samsung i330 smartphone (Palm), I’d been eyeballing the Treo 650 but have given up on PalmOS. As much as I dislike the idea of a Microsoft-software driven device that I’ll have to rely on, their mobile OS in 2005 is orders of magnitude better than Palm’s. Palm, back in 1996, may have been #1, but that’s almost 10 years ago and Palm’s OS hasn’t really improved since … it’s just gotten more colorful.

    My next phone will be the HP iPaq h6315. I already have two 1GB SD cards sitting on my desk waiting to be used, when I have the spare cash to buy the new phones (I’ll need two: one for myself, and one for my spouse).

  4. Samson Says:

    I have purchased the treo 600 at bargain price a month ago, wish it had the high res screen + Bluetooth the 650 has… still a great phone and PDA though, you won’t regret it.

  5. matt Says:

    i had a treo and i liked it, until we cancelled our phones for simplicity and now i have a pricey pda.

    my next pda will be bluetooth and wifi and i’ll use skype if i have to call someone

  6. I got the unlocked Treo 650 for $615, and am very happy with my purchase 3 weeks later (although that was a very pretty penny). The only thing bad about it is that the software is not as responsive as it should be… You should be able to transfer your phone number over without any problems. I love the rest of your blog too, btw.

  7. Timboy Says:

    OK, Troutgirl, just like Adam I am in awe … you’re a superhero bargain-hunter, and I’m not. I spent many tens of dollars needlessly.

    Except for one possible little mitigating factor, which is: I have a Treo. I’m calling you on it right now, but … no-one’s picking up at the other Treo-end. I’m sending you a text message (allo? allo?). I’m leaving Treo-friendly web clues, but no-one’s following them… To put it as bluntly as possible: I have a Treo and you don’t. (Yes, you’ve just unwittingly tuned in to an episode of Treo Trash-Talk(!).)

    Anyway, give me a call sometime (when your phone arrives) and we can catch up…

  8. Goodtime Charlie Says:

    I’m waiting for the Treo MD (aka Mac Daddy) to be released in a few more months.

    This will be the badass phone that ESPN mobile rolls out with support for Broadcast video (via MediaFLO) and high-speed data via EV-DO.

  9. Rifkin Says:

    Maybe I spoke too soon.


    Hmmm, score one for Timboy and Rifkin… 😉

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