Bargain Treo not worthwhile

March 12, 2005

OK, Timboy was right: the cheaper than cheap Treo was not worth it.

First off, my highly paranoid credit card company declined the charge because I guess credit thieves like to buy Treos online. I had to call TreoCentral twice to get that resolved, which added two days to my order. Then the order status website told me I had to call yet again, which turned out not to be true — the website just wasn’t synched up very well with the actual order system. Then, as feared, I was in fact assigned a new phone number. So then I had to call SprintPCS a couple times to get that resolved, and it actually turns out to be not so easy. And I had to wait several hours for the service to be switched over, on top of the couple days it took to find the time to call. As Timboy so sweetly pointed out in the comments to my last entry, I didn’t have a working Treo for an extra 2 weeks after he got his.

I have hereby learned my lesson. Even if the clerk at the Sprint store tells you to buy online, do not listen to him! If you value your time at some notional amount, like $50/hour, it’s still not worth the extra time and hassle.

5 Responses to “Bargain Treo not worthwhile”

  1. Rifkin Says:

    Time is the only currency. As your time becomes increasingly valuable, this is a very good lesson to learn.

    Thank you for sharing, Joyce. Makes me feel a little better that I chumpily paid 80 bucks more than you. 🙂

  2. Derek Says:

    Hmmm. I was over at Frys last week and the Treo was $549. Oh well, I paid too much for mine last november, and I wasted lots of time anyway cause I wanted to be *one of the first* to get it.

    So how do you like it so far?

  3. Juls Says:

    Ken loves his. It was an arm and leg, and he’s invested seriously like 40 hours customizing the thing. If he spent this much time on the house, I would have had a new garage and new closets by now! He loves it, and he’s trying to get it internationally ready!


  4. michael Says:

    How astonishingly disappointing that serendipity doesn’t have a spam-block feature (or plug-in).

    But you can always find someplace to buy drugs online or learn poker so I guess it isn’t all bad.

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