Zend Conference

March 23, 2005

I’m happy to serve on the program committee of the first Zend PHP Conference, which will be held in beautiful downtown Burlingame this October. I’m excited because I think this will be the first PHP conference to really focus on business use of our favorite web scripting language. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised at the different speakers and points of view we’ll be offering.

The call for presentations is now open. I want to especially invite speakers who have solid business uses of PHP but thought they were maybe insufficiently sexy for a conference preso. We’re all the about the real-world experience and the business case for PHP! I’m actually trying to figure out whether I have anything worth presenting myself, since it’s been months since I wrote significant business-worthy code.

Speaking of which, I’ll be presenting on “XSLT in PHP5” at OSCON this year. It’s kind of funny because everyone said that topic was a yawner; but my sexier topic, “Practical Social Networking for Every Site”, was rejected by the apps committee! Good thing the PHP peeps have the love. OSCON should be a blast this year, come and hang out with us.

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