June 9, 2005

I think I’m the first to use this word: Flickrstalking. Using Flickr to track a person’s movements through the world. Whee, Googlewhack!

5 Responses to “Neologism”

  1. irina Says:

    i’m so jealous. i had that word on the tip of my toungue! not fair. you’re the programmer, i’m the wordsmith — or at least i thought.

  2. Dylan Says:

    I kind of prefer the term flickstalkr

  3. Rusty Tracey Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say hi and let you know I found your blog a really interesting read, and I think it’s silly friendster canned you for blogging. I’m on and was googling how to add “networking” as in with friends to my profile and came across this article on cnet why social networking doesn’t work. That article linked to a scathing post about Scot Sasser on, which linked to your blog.

    I’m sure you find all this rather boring, however I’m amused by the thin and random lines that tie people together, and how they find each other.

    I dug back through you blog a bit, and read all of August 04, and enjoyed your bit in the Cryptonomicon. I’ve been a huge fan of Stephenson ever since my first read of Snow Crash.

    Looking forward to more of your blogs,



  4. Adam Says:

    Guilty as charged.

  5. Beverly Says:

    Hi Rusty. While googling Scot Sasser, an article written by you was found. You mentioned a scathing article about Sasser but when “this article” was hit on your blog, a different spelling of the name appeared in the article. It was Scott Sassa..any ideas? was also mentioned in your writing and that was tried next. It would not come up. Please email with your thoghts. Would like to read scathing article if it is Scot Sasser and not Scott Sassa. Thanks

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