Las chicas de Silicon Valley

July 1, 2005

I was supremely gratified to see so many entrepreneurial ladies at the 106 Miles party last night. Some of the leaders of the pack — Mary Hodder, Nancy Tubbs, et al — were chatting about maybe starting a little get-together of our own, kind of a “(future) female founders of Web 2.0” thingie. A lot of things sound like a good idea after a couple of tequilas… but I’m really starting to think there could be critical mass for such a group. The big problem is probably that none of the members have any time, cause they’re so busy founding stuff!

One Response to “Las chicas de Silicon Valley”

  1. Nancy Tubbs Says:

    Great idea, and hey, we all gotta eat! Pick a Hobee’s and a day for lunch (or some other meal variant), and let everyone know. No rsvp or other admin required.

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