SiliconBeat rejects me

July 18, 2005

I was trying to post the following comment on SiliconBeat’s inane story about the MySpace acquisition:

Wow, has the term “Web 2.0” become utterly content-free that fast? Last I checked, it did not mean “web company founded post 2001″… it meant “company that shares and consumes web services”.

Much to my surprise, my comment was rejected! “Your comment was denied for questionable content.” Tell me where the naughty bits were in that comment please, I’m always the last to know when I’m being questionable.

16 Responses to “SiliconBeat rejects me”

  1. Adam Says:

    It’s naughty to refer to 2001. That year has been struck from the record.

  2. Gabe Says:

    Maybe they have a Beavis/Butthead filter:

    Hehehe, she said “utter” … REJECT!

  3. Dave Says:

    Maybe it was a little too “snarky” for them 🙂

  4. jeffg Says:

    ..maybe they have you on a list of dangerous subversives, and are filtering your ip address or something. The mind boggles.

  5. Hey, we’ve got an open shop here. We didn’t see Joyce’s comment come in, so not sure what happened. Bring on the snark!

  6. Interesting. Silicon Bean rejected the “trackback” from my post at The Bay Area is Talking (dot com) for the same “objectionable content.”

    I thought it was because I said I deleted “Tom” as a MySpace friend.

    Anyway, here’s the trackback if you can get it fixed.


  7. misuba Says:

    My guess is the word “shares,” combined with high incidence of “web” and “company,” is triggering some filter that tries to block people pumping penny stocks or something.

  8. Nicole Egan Says:

    My name is Nicole Egan and I am a freelancer for People magazine. We are working on a story about people who got fired for blogging and I read on someone’s blog about Friendster firing you, Joyce Park.
    Would you be interested in doing an interview? If so, contact me at my home e-mail, If not, do you know of anyone else who would like to do an interview? We need two or three people.

  9. Hey, Im a reporter doing a story about legal issues surrounding blogging. i wanted to talk to you about your getting fired from Friendster for posting your blogging. Let me know if you’d like to do it.


  10. Shane Staats Says:

    Hello Joyce I’m trying to contact you to see if you’re interested in contract work so I hope you get this. Please email or call me at 847 722 5521.


  11. Adam Z. Says:

    Frauline zey rejected your comment because zey were afraid people would find out about ze truth that zey are corporate nazi’s looking to take over ze world. And ze only reason Tom is on everyone’s friends list when signing up for myspace is because he is mine fuhrer, or so to speak, and wants to know your every move.

  12. John Bigbutt Says:

    Hi I’m a reporter who wants to publish a story that approximately 16 people will read. If you’re interested contact me via telepathy.

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