SimpleXML r001z

July 18, 2005

Have I ever mentioned how superlatively wonderful the PHP SimpleXML extension is? How logical, practical, elegant, clean, and easy to use it is? How intensely webby? How it almost singlehandedly (along with curl and FastXSL) makes PHP hands-down the best language for high-performance Web 2.0 (read: REST-based) apps?

Don’t agree? Just try reading the SimpleXML manual page versus the DOM Level 2 spec (from which I taught myself the DOM long ago). Which one seems like it was written by a human being? And why should I have to give a rat’s ass whether a piece of information is a child or a sibling or a grandpa to the piece of information you want? Just give me the data, dammit!

There’s a special pleasure to be enjoyed when the tool fits your hand and the task well. SimpleXML is in that category of thing for REST.

One Response to “SimpleXML r001z”

  1. Are you serious? Sure enough it’s a nice idea, but the implementation is problematic. Having to explicitly cast things to strings in some circumstances is a royal pita (and afaics, not mentioned at all in the manual). Imagine trying to debug this too with print_r(), which dumps the object and not the string every time…

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