Free but sucky hotel wifi

September 7, 2005

Inspired by Ramit Sethi’s hilarious Things I hate blog, I gotta say… if you can’t run a frickin’ free wifi network that works, would you mind just giving me the option to pay for a damn Ethernet connection that does? The fucking dregs of the networking world appear to be installing hotel networks throughout the country, from all evidence.

3 Responses to “Free but sucky hotel wifi”

  1. I have to agree that the dregs of society install wi-fi. I am a truck driver and while most of the major truck stops offer wi-fi the service is spotty at best in someplaces. The software for my smc card lets me constantly monitor the connection and all available hosts and I hate to see services that drift in and out. I have had times where I can’t keep a connection for more then a few minutes. ok…maybe it would help if I wasn’t 4000 feet away from the antenea. ;>

  2. Dustin J. Mitchell Says:

    Preach it, sister. It’s not just hotels, either..

    Honestly, Wifi is still one of those black-art things which, without a full-blown RF survey, is very difficult to do “right”. Cell companies still can’t get it right, at only a slightly greater range.

  3. Ramit Says:

    Thanks for the ping! And great to meet today…amazing how many friends we have in common.

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