Another peeve

September 16, 2005

I’m seeing more and more people yapping on the cellphones while using a public bathroom! There is nothing worse than being forced to listen to someone else’s lame chatter in a tiled, enclosed, brightly-lit space. For some reason, women who do this particularly skeeve me out. Put down the damn cellies, ladies, and do your business in a reasonably hygienic fashion. Man, some people’s mamas just did not raise them right.

6 Responses to “Another peeve”

  1. David Says:

    And your mama?

  2. Timboy Says:

    Some people’s mamas were not psychic about the future, and therefore had no instructions about cell phone etiquette….

  3. For some reason the ticking-ticking of Blackberries in the can squicks me out even more. Unclean! Unclean!

  4. Joyce, it may be immature to do, but you can get sweet revenge by doing two things: make loud, moaning sounds like you’re masturbating. Loud enough that whoever’s on the other end of the phone will hear it. Or, you can just start swearing loudly, like you’ve got Tourettes.

    Or, if you’re not that aggressive, just keep flushing the toilet until the person on the phone gives up trying to have a conversation. Although, the greenies out there will cry you a river about how much water you’re wasting.

  5. Phil Says:

    The funniest is when their phone rings when they’re in a stall, and they say “I’m just in a meeting.”

  6. My gf called once when I was in the toilet at home.

    She: “What are you doing ?”
    Me: “Taking a dump”

    And then I grunted needlessly loudly, to make sure she called at an inopportune moment. We laughed. She learnt never to call me again at certain times of the day.

    Of course, people would wonder why must I answer the cell at all ? I can’t help it. I also do support at work, and I have been conditioned to pick up the phone as soon as it rings.

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