Zend conference

September 25, 2005

I’m very happy to be participating in the Zend PHP conference October 18 – 21st, here in beautiful downtown Burlingame. I think it’s going to be something a bit different in PHP conferences, because the focus is squarely on real-life business use cases. I’ll be leading a panel called “What is scalability?” on the 19th, and giving a solo preso on building out web platforms on the 21st.

I should reveal that I’ve been serving on the program committee for the conference, so I’m not a disinterested party. Not to pimp my own code, but I’m super-pumped about my track, which is called “Developing, Deploying, and Managing Large-Scale PHP Applications”. I’m a huge believer now in the absolute necessity of close cooperation between dev and ops — none of this “works on my machine, I’m throwing it over the transom” stuff, and certainly no tension between the two teams. Zend is completely of the same mind, and I think we’ll be presenting a lot of great ideas about how to get the whole engineering staff to think through a smooth deployment together.

If you’re going to attend the conference, let me know and we’ll grab coffee!

2 Responses to “Zend conference”

  1. Steven Says:

    There’s some interesting comments on M$ problems lately that they are unable to make their daily builds anymore. Funny thing is they were one of the strongest proponents of this concept. Definitely having the ability to see not just your code but how everything works together is one of the differences between an experienced and novice developer.

  2. Teknick Says:

    What are your feelings about dynamic and scalable ASP applications vs. PHP? I have found both languages to be scalable, but ASP and ASP.net seems to be more attractive to developers. Especially, in web site design and web enabled applications. We use PHP for our internal reporting applications, and have ran into many problems. ASP and ASP.net seems to have much more of a following and supportive community. I really would like the industry to accept PHP and i hope the development community embraces its scalibility.

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