Weak Powerpoint

October 16, 2005

I don’t think I’m the very worst speaker in the known universe — uh, except when I’m compiling the software upon which my preso will be based for the first time an hour before I’m scheduled to speak, sorry OSCON peeps — but I am forced to admit I am the very worst slide maker of all time. My slides just look like TOTAL ASS. They are beyond fugly. I’m genuinely embarrassed to make them publically available, they’re that bad.

I’m particularly mortified because all my friends are Mac-users and of course they have those gorgeous Keynote presos with the super-fly templates — and they are not shy about rubbing it in. I use OpenOffice, which I’m guessing has very basic presentation tools anyway; but then I make things infinitely worse by my putrid color sense, utter inability to snap to grid, and retarded comprehension of layers.

Sigh. I might have to cave and buy a Mac just for Keynote and iTunes. Grump.

2 Responses to “Weak Powerpoint”

  1. Rifkin Says:

    So… how do you like your Mac?

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