Online traffic schools

November 20, 2005

It turns out that Orange County is like the single worst county in California to get a ticket in. I didn’t know this, but traffic schools in California are accepted by individual counties rather than the DMV. Guess which heavily-right-wing county regime doesn’t go for online traffic school?

But I’ll say this much for the OC: they’re worse to their own taxpayers than out-of-towners. If you happen to be an actual resident of Orange County who receives a moving violation, you will be forcibly attending a monopoly traffic school called the National Traffic Safety Institute at the county courthouse. Sounds like a barrel of laughs, huh? At least I’ll be getting pizza, tickets to a comedy club, and a guaranteed pass for my eight hours of quasi-jail.

One Response to “Online traffic schools”

  1. I was caught in a school zone in OC several years back, but I am a resident of San Bernardino County and thus was able to get into a comedy traffic school in Ontario. Never used the comedy club passes, though.

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