3000 years of Korean womanhood

troutgirl: Thick calves! Shiny hair! Suffering!

troutgirl: 😛

george: I guess it’s a better tagline than ‘Dogs taste best when eaten with fermented cabbage’

george: hmmm…. that probably crossed some sort of line.

World peace redux

I read in the paper today that the Pope prayed for world peace at his Easter Mass. Does the Pope pray for world peace EVERY YEAR? That hasn’t been… a notably successful strategy. You can tell he isn’t a very good manager because he picks vague, unrealistic goals and doesn’t plan a clear path to success. The Pope needs to start thinking outside the box, man.

If I were him, I’d pray for something more tangible — like more funding for science. Cause instead of just hoping against hope that world hunger will go away, wouldn’t it be WAY COOLER if someone would actually invent one of those machines on Star Trek that can make yummy food out of any old carbon source? Throw in some yucky biomass, and get back loaves and fishes! How much more Christian can you get? And since sooner or later someone probably WILL invent such a machine, the Pope could totally get in front of that noise by praying for it first!

Some other stuff with tangible benefits would include praying for someone to figure out how to reverse global warming — that will save hella lives down the road. Maybe better earthquake detection would be cool too. And even on the world peace front… hey, getting rid of dependence on petroleum would be a good start, you know? Then if the Pope were willing to get a little controversial, he might throw in some stem cell research to rid the world of chronic diseases… although I dunno, that one might be over the line. But any of this stuff would probably do more actual good for the world than waiting for a world peace that never comes.