Semantic web redux

May 12, 2006

Troutgirl: What do you think this sentence means?

Troutgirl: “[X], a developer of a Java-based semantic applications platform for building Web 2.0 services”

Timboy: woohoo! it means: “please fund us!!”

Troutgirl: Isn’t the word “semantic web” pretty much the kiss of death for that?

Timboy: ok, if I had to guess what it means

Timboy: it would be something like:

Troutgirl: Ning + tagging the kittens with triples!

Timboy: a web-services application building toolkit, written in Java, that includes nice utils for consuming XML and shit from other services, and routines for supporting tagging and whatnot

Timboy: tagging the kittens semantically

Timboy: not soft soft good good nice kitty

Troutgirl: Uh… but tagging is ANTI-semantic

Timboy: yes

Timboy: so it has to be <has-prop kitty soft>

Timboy: or that’s what it would have been like in my day

Timboy: (OK, I’ll admit that in my day, it would have been ‘(has-prop kitty soft))

Timboy: but parens are so out

2 Responses to “Semantic web redux”

  1. Adam Says:

    Makes me want to web search for “semantic web disease”.

  2. Maybe it translates XML into old complaints about the price of gefilte fish at the market, how you aren’t eating enough, and why can’t you find a nice girl to marry.

    Oh wait. That would be a Java-based *semetic* applications platform.


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