Assigned status

Why do bugtracking systems even have the “Assigned” or “Accepted” status? It seems like an unnecessary step to me, and I never use it personally. If I don’t think the bug should be mine, I simply dump it on some other sucker reassign it to a more appropriate team member; otherwise it’s just “New” or “Open” until I get around to fixing it.

Meanwhile, there are statuses that I think would actually be helpful that you never see. Like how about “Sent to QA for confirmation”? Or “Sent to staging server”? Or “Sent to live site for final regression”? I think all of those would let you track exactly where on the assembly line that bug was at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Assigned status”

  1. I wrote a big post, and then re-read your question again. Assigned _status_? Huh. “Assigned to” field is pretty useful, because it lets you bounce something from QA to dev to testing, &c. But you’re right about the “assigned” status, it’s really just a placeholder. If you want to make something useful out of it, you could at least say “developer assigned” vs “developer actually working on this”, if people want to know what’s going on where.

  2. Assigned is quite for me, that way i can check out pretty quickly what’s left for me to do, in fact.. i publish my list of assigned bugs as an iCal so I can see it in the todo list of my calendar app.

    “Sent to staging” is a pretty good idea though!

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