Resume tips for tech

August 20, 2006

Like every hiring manager in the tech business I look at resumes almost daily; and like every hiring manager I have my own peeves. The top 5:

1. Never put your home address on there. Totally unnecessary and possibly prejudicial (e.g. “Our office is in Mt View, this guy lives in Pleasanton, it’s not worth interviewing him cause the commute will be too much for him.”).

2. Give out your cellphone number, and then answer your cellphone even if you don’t recognize the caller. You’d be surprised just how many people give out a phone number they never answer, like their home number. I even know one guy who sent out a batch of resumes with his old, expired home phone number!

3. Use an easy-to-type email address. Those of you who know my personal email address know that I’ve been guilty of violating this rule.

4. Don’t put too much crap — like objectives — at the beginning. Most hiring managers are only going to read the top 3 bullet paragraphs on your resume, so if you fill up that area with meaningless fluff you’ll never get the job. Whatever you got, get to it fast. One exception to the “no objectives” rule: if you are making a significant break in the narrative of your resume (like a career change), a one-sentence objective is probably necessary.

5. Quality, not quantity. I don’t care about your job at Dairy Queen when you were 16 years old! If you don’t have any truly relevant job experience, at least don’t waste my time trying to front about it.

Did I mention that Renkoo is looking for a senior interaction designer and a senior web developer? 🙂

3 Responses to “Resume tips for tech”

  1. scottandrew Says:

    So scented stationery is okay then, yes?

  2. Your list is reminiscent of a fantastic treatment of resumes over at the Manager Tools site (in the form of podcast audio):

  3. shiella Says:

    hi… u don’t know me, but i found your webpage on a list that i was on too. just thought i’d give you the heads up since your new blog and old blog are listed as well…

    check out the homepage link at the bottom… it’s kinda sketchy.

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