Pale males of webdev

My, the kerfuffle kicked up by the ethnic and gender composition of the recent “Future of Webapps” conference! I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m sure the reason that there weren’t more female cutting-edge webdevs of color speaking is that we’re all too busy developing on our innovative stacks (two of the four commercial Comet installations are tech-managed by women, after all) and founding early-stage startups and stuff. It’s hard to find time to get away! And I personally only like to speak at Open Source conferences… I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the ones that are obviously driven by profit-motive (modulo OSCON). So really, there’s no need at all to assume any bias on the part of the conference organizers! 🙂

The cost of style

My parents came up for Labor Day weekend, and for some reason they got it in their head that they wanted to buy Tim a “hip” shirt — hipper than Banana Republic could provide. So we went to some designer stores that I’d never visited before, and Tim ended up with a shirt whose final cost I cannot reveal but suffice it to say it is the most expensive single garment (not counting suits) in our entire home.

While my dad was at the counter paying, I looked down at my own outfit. I was wearing: a Zazzle-logo T-shirt that I got free at a picnic they threw; a pair of pants that a friend gave me because they didn’t fit her; and some 2-year old flip-flops from Target. Total cost of outfit: $5.99? Without logowear, where would my wardrobe be?