The cost of style

September 5, 2006

My parents came up for Labor Day weekend, and for some reason they got it in their head that they wanted to buy Tim a “hip” shirt — hipper than Banana Republic could provide. So we went to some designer stores that I’d never visited before, and Tim ended up with a shirt whose final cost I cannot reveal but suffice it to say it is the most expensive single garment (not counting suits) in our entire home.

While my dad was at the counter paying, I looked down at my own outfit. I was wearing: a Zazzle-logo T-shirt that I got free at a picnic they threw; a pair of pants that a friend gave me because they didn’t fit her; and some 2-year old flip-flops from Target. Total cost of outfit: $5.99? Without logowear, where would my wardrobe be?

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