West coast news outlets

October 23, 2006

troutgirl: Why is the SF Chronicle so mysteriously sucky?

nativecalifornian: i’ve always thought that they had a very difficult time finding their voice after the examiner was killed.

nativecalifornian: it was easy for them to play off the ‘afternoon paper’, be first on the story… now they’re the same monkeys and they have nothing to prove

troutgirl: OK, I have to say this

troutgirl: West coast news outlets generally spend WAAYYYYY more time on strange stuff like… animal stories and nature crap

nativecalifornian: yep. entertainment/weather/weird stuff

troutgirl: But the Chronicle seriously seems to be _nothing_ but

troutgirl: photos of baby tigers

troutgirl: stories about wildfires

troutgirl: recipes

troutgirl: and BALCO investigation

troutgirl: Oh, and they have those freaky op-eds like, “Johnny Taliban was just a nice Bay Area kid who wanted to learn about other cultures!”

nativecalifornian: 🙂

troutgirl: Chicago papers are like… who died, who got laid off, who’s getting indicted by the feds, horrific crimes

nativecalifornian: it’s because they’re cold-hardy people. they can take bad news

troutgirl: I seriously think 75% of the people here care more about pets than humans

One Response to “West coast news outlets”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    JP, you really think the news is demand-led? I can’t believe you believe that.

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