Bus tour with old Korean people

For Thanksgiving this year, by some process I understand poorly, I found myself agreeing to take my parents on a Korean bus tour of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. They’ve been a little sketchy on the details, so I’m not sure whether we’re staying in Las Vegas or Utah… but hey, same difference, right? It’s one of my life goals to visit all the national parks, so I’m actually pretty excited. Happy roast fowl and stuffing to the rest of you!

CSS peeps, work with Troutgirl!

Do you know the hex code for hot pink by heart? Love to have a good time with friends and family? Always wanted to live inside a real-life sitcom? Then it’s time for you to enlist in the Renkoo Fembot Army! You bring your A game, and Coach Troutgirl will school you in Dojo, Ajax, Comet, LAMP, and all the other hot-hot technologies (except Ruby on Rails… we don’t know that one yet). Apply now, and make your friends apply too while you’re at it. ps… if you get the job and start before the end of the year, I’ll send you to SXSW all-expenses paid…