Bus tour with old Korean people

November 22, 2006

For Thanksgiving this year, by some process I understand poorly, I found myself agreeing to take my parents on a Korean bus tour of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. They’ve been a little sketchy on the details, so I’m not sure whether we’re staying in Las Vegas or Utah… but hey, same difference, right? It’s one of my life goals to visit all the national parks, so I’m actually pretty excited. Happy roast fowl and stuffing to the rest of you!

2 Responses to “Bus tour with old Korean people”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    . . . so where are the vacation photos . . .

  2. Erik Ringmar Says:

    Hi Troutgirl,

    Sorry for using your comment space but I couldn’t find an email for you. I’m writing a book about the internet and free speech and I’m interested in your doocing from Friendster in 2004. My short write up is here: http://ringmar.net/imbloggingthis/?p=217. Please let me know if I got it right.

    I’m also very interested in your “semi-permeable blogging” paper. The link doesn’t seem to work.



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