Back from purgatory

April 1, 2007

Ah, the Troutgirl blog is back after a… series of unfortunate incidents which convinced me that no one needs to run their own blog software any more. There are nice people out there (hi Photomatt!) who will hire nice sysadmins to do it all for you if you let them. Progress marches on! Anyway, glad you found me again. Now I gotta figure out an Apache mod_rewrite map.

One Response to “Back from purgatory”

  1. blueZhift Says:

    Welcome back! I definitely hear you on the blog software! I spend enough on hosting as it is, so I try to leverage that for all it’s worth. If I want to get my hands dirty, I’ll write a plugin or two!^_^ Good luck on the mod_rewrite work, I’m having a maddening time with that, mod_proxy, Rails, and mongrel all getting along together.T.T

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