Things that made me smile

April 15, 2007

I have recently been victimized by one of those awful spring colds that creep up on you just when you think you’re past cold season. The main symptom seems to be subtle oxygen deprivation, leading to the (hopefully temporary) loss of numerous IQ points, utter exhaustion, and diminution of the will to live. To combat this, I decided I needed to take a minute to remember the good things in life. So not to get all Julie Andrews on your unsuspecting selves, but here are some of my recent favorite things.

* Listening to Jeff Barr tell me about flying around an island in Second Life with his friend, a French wolf. I admire the crap out of Jeff for being able to process new stuff with both good judgment and lack of crotchety grandpa-ness.

* My brother’s recent blog post (first of a series) on his mis-adventures in online dating. It gets funnier!

* The look on Ops Boy’s face when I presented him with a half-pound of lardo (it’s not exactly lard… more like cured fatback with herbs) from Mario Batali’s father’s butcher shop in Seattle.

* I was lying in bed, on the verge of waking up, when my (dead) cat Ratpig crept up to stare into my face. It was just a dream, but I felt like someone gave me a gift.

* Staying up late reading trashy novels. Long ago I decided not to allow myself to read exciting books at bedtime any more, so now I only read books about stuff like Lincoln’s cabinet members or the geology of national parks. But this weekend I allowed a couple nights of Day Watch and Point of Impact as my birthday present to myself.

* Recalling that in my bizarrely long and nearly unbroken string of crappy meals in San Francisco, there have been three decent ones: one at Town Hall (although I’ve had overpriced swill there too), one at Ozumo, and actually a couple at El Raigon.

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