Six startups

April 16, 2007

Recently I had to tell a friend my picks for five most exciting startups I see in the Valley right now. I came up with six, if anyone cares… in no particular order:

* Offermatica: web metrics. Most of the companies in this space don’t end up convincing you that they understand the web OR metrics… but not these guys.

* AdMob: mobile ad network. Not only does my friend Mike Rowehl work there, but this category is going to be so huge.

* VideoEgg: video ad network. I like a company that isn’t afraid to go head to head with Google. 🙂

* LiveOps: distributed customer service infrastructure. Again, this is going to be huge… like imagine if you could have a perfectly functional “call center” made up of people in rural areas or specialists from around the country.

* Aggregate Knowledge: collaborative filtering service. Using the power of social networking for something not pointless.

* AutoMattic: blogware. The product just works — I’ve switched all my blogs from three different competitors to it.

Hmmmm… according to this list, I think I like businesses in the internet infrastructure space…

3 Responses to “Six startups”

  1. Mike Rowehl Says:

    Yay! Thanks for the vote of confidence Joyce!

  2. Lisa Whelan Says:

    Thanks for mentioning Offermatica! If you’re interested in website testing and optimization, there are some great blogs on the topic including:

  3. Denise Says:

    I like the VideoEgg the best out of these six

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