Web Ascent Chicago

I was honored recently when the intimidatingly hard-working Ms Kristen Nicole asked me to speak at the inaugural Web Ascent event in Chicago on Wednesday 6/20 at 7PM. It’s sort of an ironic homecoming for me, given that I reluctantly concluded in 1999 that there was no way to start a successful web company in Chicago. Since then Feedburner and 37 Signals have proven me wrong in striking fashion — so this will be a fun opportunity to look back and see what’s changed and what hasn’t.

Midwestern web peoples, Rifkin and I are looking forward to meeting you! I especially want to connect with women who are interested in any aspect of the tech business — blogging, designing, engineering, marketing, venture capital, etc — as well as alumni from the University of Chicago and engineers who want to move to California :-). Remember, one of the keys to the success of Silicon Valley is that we loves us some meeting and greeting — so Chicago techies, it is YOUR DUTY TO THE COMMUNITY to come out to drink and chat about the business.