Web Ascent Chicago

June 4, 2007

I was honored recently when the intimidatingly hard-working Ms Kristen Nicole asked me to speak at the inaugural Web Ascent event in Chicago on Wednesday 6/20 at 7PM. It’s sort of an ironic homecoming for me, given that I reluctantly concluded in 1999 that there was no way to start a successful web company in Chicago. Since then Feedburner and 37 Signals have proven me wrong in striking fashion — so this will be a fun opportunity to look back and see what’s changed and what hasn’t.

Midwestern web peoples, Rifkin and I are looking forward to meeting you! I especially want to connect with women who are interested in any aspect of the tech business — blogging, designing, engineering, marketing, venture capital, etc — as well as alumni from the University of Chicago and engineers who want to move to California :-). Remember, one of the keys to the success of Silicon Valley is that we loves us some meeting and greeting — so Chicago techies, it is YOUR DUTY TO THE COMMUNITY to come out to drink and chat about the business.

3 Responses to “Web Ascent Chicago”

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  2. Hi,

    Sorry to leave a comment on your blog like this, but I couldn’t find your email address. I organize a reading series in San Francisco called Writers With Drinks. We’re doing an event this Saturday June 9 at the Make Out Room in the Mission, and I would be delighted if you could come and speak or read from your blog. I always try to have one blogger as well as representatives of other genres. Please drop me an email and I’d be happy to share more info.

    Ms. Charlie Anders

  3. jjudge Says:

    don’t forget about orbitz, they have over 800 people working in the citibank building on madison. skinnycorp is doing well too.

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