Nightclub photos

July 12, 2007

Anyone who has spent the slightest amount of time on social networks will have noticed the rise of the unstoppable phenomenon that is the nightclub photo. I’m pretty sure that if all the “us at the club looking hot” snapshots were printed on real film and paper, the entire North American continent would be several inches lower than it is now. And it’s very evident that people work on perfecting their favorite poses, smiles, and lighting angles. If you don’t take a good nightclub photo, you’re just not a PLAYA.

But… after awhile… it starts to dawn on you: this is the new tourist snapshot. Except that instead of something marginally interesting to look at in the background, like the Eiffel Tower, you have… dark, anonymous nightclub. In every photo. And everyone knows that no one wants to look at your vacation photos.

2 Responses to “Nightclub photos”

  1. Khang Tran Says:

    you might be absolutely right–nobody wants to see your vacation photos. but for some reason, we still take vacation photos. and in the case of party photos, tons of them. in fact, it’s the second most popular tag on flickr.

    at, we saw the same trend and realized that we should embrace it. when you dig deeper, you’ll see that the whole party photo ecosystem is incredibly deep. from partiers themselves to promoters, photographers, bands, and even venues. some people even have careers based on or launched via taking photos at parties (e.g. merlin bronques, nikola tamindzic, etc).

    let’s take something seemingly passe and obnoxious on the surface and turn it into something great and useful. afterall, in its infancy, the blogosphere was just a bunch of bored, pimply teenagers rambling on about how bored and pimply they were. and now, some of the most relevant news comes from it.

  2. KHAN! Says:

    Funny, I saw blogs with real information *before* I saw the bored teenager blogs.

    Is it a question of which came first, or of what you saw first?

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