Mediterranean cruise planning

October 7, 2008

We don’t exactly brag about this, but Renkoo has had an unreal record of death, disease, and destruction for a company of such modest size, with such young and well-educated workers. For the entire three and a half years we’ve been in existence, we’ve hardly gone a month without a burglary, funeral, traumatic hardware failure, or hospital visit.

After a devastating beginning to the year, I decided that I would fulfill my mother’s wish to visit early Christian sites in Turkey and Italy. So I did some research, and concluded that it would be most efficient to take a cruise. The Mediterranean is so small that basically it amounts to creeping along like a snail, with transportation and housing in one unit at night while you spend your days visiting historic sites.

If anyone has advice about lunch spots, can’t-miss sights, or early Christian history in of the following ports of call, please get in touch:

* Istanbul
* Izmir/Ephesus
* Athens
* Dubrovnik
* Venice
* Naples
* Rome
* Barcelona

I’m not the world’s greatest shopper, but I would be more than happy to repay your information by bringing you back some trinket or luxury item from the city in question. Thank you!

One Response to “Mediterranean cruise planning”

  1. Elena Acin Says:

    Hi Joyce, some recommendations in Istambul

    You may already know but you cannot miss: Sta. Sophia, blue mosque, Topkapi Palace, the bazaar. If you have time it is recommendable to visit: Galata tower, as you have will have great views of the city, Ciragan Palace( : a former palace now a hotel, it is lovely just to walk the terrace and the gardens, Pera Palace ( (a hotel where most famous visitors in late XIX-XX use to stay included Agatha Christie, Mata-Hari, Alfred Hitchcock, Hemingway!, there is a very small tea saloon in the same style of XIX century and it is lovely (it is worthy to have a tea there!).

    More to come!

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